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  1. 2011.09.01   Finally, PlaceTab Quest Markers are here!
  2. 2011.06.28   Attention, SuperStar M badge winners! :)
Waplestore:Logs 2011.09.01 15:52

Finally, PlaceTab Quest Markers are here!

  • sunny yoo
We’ve been working on this project for a while, and here they are!
As you noticed, PlaceTab Quest Marker is a little hat that Tabi is wearing. Now, you can mark your ‘territory’ with them. We’ll also start selling them very soon!

Well, there are probably tons of ways to play with Quest Marker, and I’ll show you just a few today.

Samples, samples, and samples... This project wasn’t simple at all!

Do you need help with putting them together? (I hope not!)

This is the way they’re supposed to look,
but you’re always welcome to use your imagination.

Mission 01 :
Place your Quest Marker on top of your screen,
and brag about it to your co-workers.

Mission 02 :
Make sure which banana flavored milk is yours by placing Quest Markers on top of them.
You’re encouraged to use stickers, which are also included in the set.

Mission 03 :
Works perfectly fine in the freezer!

Mission 04 :
Draw / Write on the stickers and post them on your Quest Marker
to inform people that this is your desk.
( + collect the entire PlaceTab Brand Products.)

And of course, this is not it!
We’ll come back with more interesting and fun ways to play with Quest Marker! :)



  1. Ted
    Ted 2011.09.04 22:58 신고

    볼수록 정이가는 QuestMarker~! ^-^

    • Waplestore
      Waplestore 2011.10.21 18:32 신고

      Ted님도 볼수록 정이가요~ ^^

Waplestore:Logs 2011.06.28 18:23

Attention, SuperStar M badge winners! :)

  • sunny yoo
It was our great pleasure to meet our PlaceTab users during SuperStar M, Open IR last month!

As we promised, we're going to send PlaceTab Paper Cups to the SuperStar M badge winners from that day. Unfortunately, it was delayed because we had spent a lot of time on designing the gorgeous cup. We are very very sorry for making you wait... T^T

We have prepared one more present, PlaceTab Cup Coasters, as an apology to our special badge winners. So each person will get both cup and cup coster. We hope you are happy with our small presents!

Oh, are you not sure if you got the SuperStar M badge...?
You can find it out by checking your PlaceTab badge album! :)

Yes, I'm qualified for the prizes! :)

A perfect set for your (iced) coffee break...

The cup coaster can be also used as a 'cup lid'!

  PlaceTab Paper Cup as a sweet gift for your beloved friends and family...

A great example of using PlaceTab Paper Cups and PlaceTab Cup Coasters! :)

If you just missed our SuperStar M event or want more cups... Don't worry, here's the good news. You can also get PlaceTab Paper Cups and Cup Coasters from our brand shop. It's coming very very soon! :)




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