Waplestore:Logs 2010.03.16 19:17

We had a workshop in Jeju Island! :)

  • 사용자 jay cho
We, the team Waplestore, had a workshop in Jeju Island last weekend.

It was our third workshop after we've met last October,
we planned long-distance trips, because we had two more workshops before, at the member's home.

Breathing fresh airs, having delicious foods, driving through the great sceneries, walking on the beach...
Everything, what we did together, was great and gave us positive energies!

I can't resist telling you what about our happy workshop, but I have to promise you to tell again now, because, I'm scheduled to leave the country tomorrow morning. T^T

Special thanks to Mr. Mini Cooper Convertible, which dropped us off all over the Jeju Island. :)

The cost of the workshop was borne by each individual, because we don't target earning money yet.
I, as a leader of the team, really sorry about this to all our members. T^T





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