Services:SmartTimer 2010.06.24 19:41

Introducing SmartTimer™ - Conference Edition

  • jay cho
We made a iPhone application to use our internal purposes,
but we finally decided to share this with our users who need the effective time management.

So, we now introduce our second application, SmartTimer™ 1.0.0 - Conference Edition. :)

SmartTimer™ 1.0.0-RC1 - Conference Edition
A Timer Application for the Effective Conference

  • Manage the Conference Time
    : SmartTimer™ assign 'Wrap-up Time' by dividing the conference time as the 80-20 rule. After being passed 80% of the conference time, 'Wrap-up Time Alert' is going off to guide that people can wrap their conference up in the remaining 20%. (This option can be disabled by the user settings.)

  • Record the Conference
    : You can record the conference while the timer is running and play it.

  • Share the Records by Email
    : You can also share the records to the others by email. It's really simple.

We'll introduce more features on Open Beta Test.

SmartTimer™ is on Closed Beta Test now, and we hope you can download at App Store within two weeks.
We ask for your continuous interest and participation, because we're going to invite you to Open Beta Test next week.

Thank you. :D




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