Waplestore:Logs 2010.06.25 16:23

The Dream Bakery have gotten refreshed!

  • 사용자 jay cho
Just a few days ago, we've done to redo our office which is called as the Dream Bakery.

Ms. Emily, who is our first intern designer, have shown a great sense of creating interior items.
Now, we're going to show you how she did, with some pictures. :)

First, she illustrated a big iPhone and posted it on the main window. The iPhone has icons, which represent the materials and the tools for baking a waffle, and SmartDialer™ is on the dock. We now use this window as a whiteboard.

Second, she printed our slogan, 'we bake dreams', and posted it on the left wall. Now, we can see what we're doing at anytime we raise our head!

Third, she drew four animal characters, which represent our members, and put it on the stairs to the second floor. She said the illustration means 'we're baking a waple together'. :)

And fourth, she made the wish board. It was a instrument panel before, she taken off the label and posted her illustration. We posted on there what we want to have and what we want to be, and we now hope we can achieve all our wishes someday!

Last, she made a reading area on the second floor. However, I can't believe that our members have a time for reading books on there, because she put lots of snacks on the bookshelf! ^^;

Actually, I didn't expect her for the interior design, but now I really wonder what she do next! :)





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