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We bake a 'waffle', too!

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Our company name Waplestore means 'a store which bakes Waple', and Waple stand for 'what people dream'. It's not a typo of 'waffle store', but the questions that many people ask us was "Do you guys bake a waffle?". -_-;

Well, we bake a waffle too, even though it's not a major work but one of our company's benefits. ^^;

So now, we're going to show you how we bake our own waffles. :)

Baking a waffle is usually Miyo's work, and she's getting better and better now!
(Her face is hidden by Emily's illustration, because she is a very shy lady. ^^;)

It's really simple to make a Waplestore-style waffle batter.
First, crack the egg into a bowl, then whisk it.

Second, add a few drops of oil and cups of water.

Last, add cups of waffle mix and whisk it until stiff, then we're done!

Now, it's time to bake a waffle.

We use electric waffle maker, which is a gift from Jay's wife.
It's important to grease waffle molds before preheating.

And then, pour the batter onto a preheated waffle maker and bake until golden brown.

Finally, top with some syrup or whipped cream according to one's taste and enjoy it!

Frankly, one of our dreams is to build our own building and open a real waffle store on the first floor. ^^;
We're now trying so hard to achieve the dream, watch us! :)






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