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SmartTimer™ 1.0.0 is now available on App Store!

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Apple finally approved SmartTimer™, even though it took more than a week.
So now, you can download SmartTimer™ on App Store!

Thanks for all. :)

SmartTimer™ 1.0.0 - Conference Edition
A Timer Application for the Effective Conference

  • Manage the Conference Time
    : SmartTimer™ assign 'Wrap-up Time' by dividing the conference time as the 80-20 rule. After being passed 80% of the conference time, 'Wrap-up Time Alert' is going off to guide that people can wrap their conference up in the remaining 20%. (This option can be disabled by the user settings.)

  • Record the Conference
    : You can record the conference while the timer is running and play it.

  • Share the Records by Email
    : You can also share the records to the others by email. It's really simple.

  • Change Alert Sound
    : Changing the alert sound to one of these, Silent/Default/Baby(Korean)/Vibration, is possible.

  • Change Mic Volume
    : Adjusting the mic gain is really simple.

  • Change Record File Type
    : It's possible to change the file type, AAC or WAV (iPhone doesn't support MP3 recording).

  • Capability for iOS4
    : It's fully capable for iOS4, supports Multi-tasking.



  1. Jay Cho
    Jay Cho 2010.07.23 19:35

    We're having FREE event for all our customers, and tomorrow is the last day of the event. Hurry up, or you will be late! :)


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