Waplestore:Logs 2010.08.16 11:51

Our new family, NeNe & MoMo! :)

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Two Bengal cats are welcomed into our office today!

These cute kitties are named as 'NeNe' and 'MoMo', which is from Korean word '네모 [ne:mo]' that means 'a square', and they will be together with us, as members of Waplestore.

Anyway, now we're introducing our new family, NeNe and MoMo to you! :)

NeNe has silver, marbled pattern fur.

He is really brave, but very interested in his hair style, like teenage girls. ^^;

MoMo has brown, marbled pattern fur, looks like a squirrel.

She really loves sleeping, and her initial letter 'M' is printed in the middle of her forehead. (Find it! ^^)

They usually place in warmest side of the office area and spend a lot of their time to sleep together . ^^;

We create an email address for NeNe and MoMo, which is nemo@waplestore.com . (currently closed. T^T)

If you have any questions and just want to say hello to them, just drop them an email.
We believe that they may response to you! :)





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