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Waplestore @ Econovation Open Conference

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As mobile application market is being spotlighted in Korea, the largest telecom firm, KT(Korea Telecom), built an open ecosystem titled " Econovation Center" to support and promote mobile content developers.

Jay had invited to be one of the guest speakers at their first open conference, so Jay and I participated in the conference on Monday.

The conference held in KT Olleh Square at weekday afternoon, but almost two hundreds of audiences attended!

There were three key subjects of the conference, which were 'How to get a good idea', 'How to develop it as a storyboard' and 'How to balance planning and development'. Each subject was very helpful to developers, because they are usually not familiar with "the planning".

I couldn't take a picture of Jay, because of I was seated on the outermost side of the hall.
Fortunately, one of the audiences,
장닭 , took Jay's picture and allows to use it here.
I really appreciate it! ^^

Jay, as the second speaker and a representative of Waplestore Inc., introduced various methodologies for writing storyboards and shared our project experiences with audiences, and we met a lot of passionate developers and talked with them about the technology and the industry at the after party.

Here you can see what Jay shared at the conference. ^^

I become nervous whenever I have to share my experience and knowledge with others, but I think it also make me feel happy. I really appreciate the chances which makes me to be passionate in my field again! :)

(+) Jay told me he was a little bit nervous on the stage, because he have gained a little weight recently and his suit was too fit for him, however, I felt really great about good audience response after his lecture! :p




  1. 홍의재
    홍의재 2010.08.31 10:12

    세미나 좋았습니다. 발표자료도 멋지고요.

    • Miyo Kwon
      Miyo Kwon 2010.08.31 13:21

      안녕하세요, 와플스토어 Miyo입니다.

      저도 세미나에 함께 참석했었는데요. 요즘 한창 바쁜 때라 세미나 일정을 보며 내심 걱정했었는데 대표님이 준비하신 발표 자료와 강연 모습을 보며 저도 놀랐답니다. ^^

      회사가 분당이라 조금 멀지만, 시간이 되신다면 편하게 와플 드시러 오세요. :)


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