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SmartTimer™ 1.1.0 - the 1st update

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It took more than two weeks again, but SmartTimer™ 1.1.0, which is the first updated version, is finally approved and shown up in App Store today.

We added new features and fixed bugs on this version by user feedback, and now, you can download more perfect and powerful SmartTimer™ on App Store! :)

SmartTimer™ 1.1.0 - Conference Edition
A Timer Application for the Effective Conference

    • New Features

      • Backup your recording file with iTunes File-Sharing Support!

        • iOS 3.2 or later supports iTunes File-Sharing, and SmartTimer™ 1.1.0 supports it. So, you can backup your recording file on iTunes 9.1 or later now.

      • Recording with lower file size than ever!

        • We changed compression rate of recording file to reduce the file size with sound lossless, and now, you can record with the file size less than half in the same condition.

    • Patched Bugs

      • I couldn't play AAC formatted recording file on my iMac. I found it's file extension was *.acc when I attached it to my email. : iPhoneArt (via Twitter)

        • First, it was our mistake, thus we changed the file extension from *.acc to *.aac. We're really sorry about it. T^T
        • However, you have to do one more thing to play the file on your iMac. You should download and install QuickTime 7 on your iMac, because QuickTime X, which is installed by default with Mac OS 10.6.x (Snow Leopard), doesn't stable and support AAC file yet. (You don't have to worry about this problem, if you are Windows user. iTunes for Windows installs QuickTime 7 by default.)

      • I couldn't attach the recording file, which I recorded for more than an hour, to my email. : Woo Cheon, Choi (via Email)

        • It's the problem with the file size, but actually it's not a problem with SmartTimer™. iPhone doesn't not have enough memory on their runtime, so it may be impossible to attach the file which is more than 15MB to your email.
        • Thus, we add an AlertView to show the message when you try to attach such a file.
        • You can backup the file by iTunes File-Sharing, which we mentioned above.

      • Audio only works on my left earphone, when I recorded with AAC format. : K-water (via Twitter)

        • We changed the recording source type of AAC format from stereo to mono, because we found iPhone has some problem with stereo recording.

      • The timer is stopped when I press Home button while the timer view is changing : darkdoo (via Email)

        • We fixed it.

      • Displayed total play time of the recording file is different from it's real recording time.  : lazyriver81 (via Customer Reviews on App Store)

        • We fixed it.

    We are very appreciate all of our users, and we're trying to do our best with your feedback.
    Please let us know anything what you feel uncomfortable with SmartTimer™, at anytime.

    Thank you all. :)




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