Waplestore:Logs 2011.04.21 04:21

We just got new ID badges! :)

  • sunny yoo
Our members do their very best to create a fun atmosphere at work to boost our creativity. After we decided to move to Seoul, we planned to do something memorable. I think one of them was designing Waplestore ID badges!

I researched ID badges from various companies, and most of them looked like plain photo IDs. I thought we should come up with something much more interesting!

I wanted to reflect the concept of our service " PlaceTab" in the front view. Instead of taking photos of 'awkward' smiling faces, we decided to create badges of faces for all the members! As you know, we have badges at PlaceTab, which are unlocked by the users as they complete quests.

How many badges have you earned so far? :)

I did my very best to illustrate the characteristic of each member, and I hope it worked! Can you imagine how they would look only by these illustrations?

I personally think Kay's badge came out the best! We all laughed...

You can see a silhouette of a city in the lower bottom of the card in which Tabi's flag is hidden.

What about the names? All the members already have names in Enlgish at Waplestore. We also added fun nicknames that went well with the characteristic of each member. We came up with humorous and creative ones.

Do you see Tabi's flag?
As you see, my nickname is Supa Cooool Illustrator. (Are you sure...?)

On the other hand, the design on the back is the same. As you noticed, the color red represents Waplestore's corporate identity. We wanted to include and remember a very important message from the founders! This will remind us of Three values of Waplestore, which are sincerity, openness, and pride.

Are you planning on a visit to Waplestore? We have ID badges for the visitors with Tabi and Poi's faces, and you are welcome to use them at anytime! :)

We never miss a chance to include our identity in everything we do, and company's ID badge couldn't be an exception! We love the word, 'customized'.

As an illustrator, I felt very pleased when members got happy with new ID badges. Every member at Waplestore will get one-of-a-kind badge from now on!




  1. silphir
    silphir 2011.05.08 00:59

    아... 꼭 가지고 싶은 사원증...ㅠㅠ
    사원증 아까워서라도 퇴사 못할듯 ㅎㅎ

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.05.11 03:39

      좋은 인연이니 곧 타이밍도 맞추어질거라 믿어봅니다.
      항상 고맙습니다. :)

  1. 한군
    한군 2011.05.09 23:24

    이 사이트 어디에서인가 기능성게임에 대한 내용을 본 기억이 있어서 아래의 공고를 올려봅니다.
    사업이 의미도 있고 시장도 있다 여겨집니다.

    2011년 기능성게임 제작지원(치매예방) 사업공고
    <a href="http://www.kocca.kr/notice/support/view.do?naviForm.pagesize=20&amp;naviForm.termsize=10&amp;naviForm.pageno=1&amp;category=&amp;search=&amp;search_key=&amp;intc_no=211A202003" onclick="return openLinkInNewWindow(this)" rel="external nofollow">http://www.kocca.kr/notice/support/view.do?naviForm.pagesize=20&amp;naviForm.termsize=10&amp;naviForm.pageno=1&amp;category=&amp;search=&amp;search_key=&amp;intc_no=211A202003</a>

    와플은 상시 준비중 이신가요?

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.05.11 03:38

      좋은 정보 고맙습니다.
      마침 관련한 게임 기획을 하나하고 있었는데, 적극 검토해보아야겠어요.

      오피스텔에서 사무실로 이사를 오니 계수대가 없어져서 와플은 '미리 말씀주시면 준비'하는 시스템으로 변경되었지만, 그래도 언제든 대접해드릴 수 있으니 편히 찾아주세요.

      고맙습니다. :)

  1. sohee
    sohee 2011.05.12 11:19

    함께하지 못한 아쉬움이 많이 남네요~ 무궁한 발전을 기원합니다!!! Jay Cho 화이팅!! 와플스토어 화이팅! 입니다!

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.05.12 14:06

      여행은 잘 다녀오셨나요?
      아직 늦지 않았을겁니다. :)


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