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Show your passion to us on Open Recruiting Day!

  • sunny yoo
We participated ' Open Recruiting Day' event hosted by Venture@Square on July 16th!
It was held in SK Department of Business Administration in Seoul National University.
Unfortunately, it rained quite a lot from the morning. Nevertheless, a lot of enthusiastic young people came to this event for the chance of a lifetime! :)

Yes, ask us any questions! :)

You’ve probably noticed by now that we'd like to set up something very fun with everything we do.
Of course, this event couldn’t be an exception because it was our chance to meet PlaceTab users!

Few weeks before the event, we asked all the start-up companies (including us) to come up with interesting / funny / company-related questions, and we created special quests with those questions for all of us! The beauty of this project was that most of the start-ups were very glad to be a part of this event without any hesitation. Again! Big thanks to all of participating start-up companies! :)

Hm... I hope these prints would be helpful on the event day! :)

If you've been wondering... This is how 'Open Recruiting Day' event worked out! :)

As PlaceTab users are visiting one of the start-up booths, they can choose a quest card of that particular company.The users can figure out the answers on the quest card by asking the team members, taking photos of specific activities that were asked to do, or reviewing the company catalogues. Once the users get the answer, they just need to type it on the quest cards and submit it. They will be asked to complete at least 5 quest card questions to earn the 'Open Recruiting Day' badge!

Now, all you need to do is go back to the booths that you've completed the quests from, and show your special badge with confidence! You’ll get the gifts from participating companies!

Did anyone get the answer yet...? :)

Sorry, we ran out of them very quickly. Now, you can buy them! :)

Before the event started, Jay and I walked around each participating booth to explain 'Open Recruiting Day' event. We also handed out display easels to each team, which would help the users with completing quests.

Trust me, Sunny is in this photo...

Our nice neighbors... :)

Well! We’ve all been waiting for the the most important part of the event...
Each start-up had a presentation session! Actually we were very worried about Jay before the presentation, because he almost lost his voice due to cold...But guess what happened! As he started his 15-minute speech, his voice went back to (close to) normal! It was quite amazing! :)

Ready to 'show off' your passion, Waplestore? :)

Oh, I’m doing well! I might not need my assistant anymore...

A lot of people came to our booth to ask questions and drop their resumes. 
All of our members thank those who visited our booth and completed our special quest of the day! We hope to talk to our users again!

Oh, wait... Why don't we see each other on PlaceTab!? :)





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