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Get educated with PlaceTab! :)

  • sunny yoo
We supported a very exciting event, the 33th Education Exhibition at COEX with Yuhak Net in September. Yuhak Net is an overseas educational institute, and we built a quest trip especially for them in PlaceTab! We created 6 POIs for their booths, and each booth had a special quest. We also offered PlaceTab QR codes (both iPhone and Android) for the participants. All they needed to do was to scan the code with their smart phones, download PlaceTab application, and play quests on PlaceTab!

Once the users completed all of the special quests, they could win a badge. All they needed to do was to show that badge to the event organizers with a ‘big’ pride! Lots of prizes were waiting for you, and PlaceTab Quest Markers were one of them.:)

Well, this event is over, but we’ll be back with more events for sure!

Sounds interesting? :)

Special thanks to ‘rainfall27’ and ‘jinny’ who captured vivid atmosphere of the event! :)

Complete your quest here, and then move fast to the next one!

ask us any questions! We’re here for you.

Getting crowded here...!

The event was pretty successful. We met a lot of passionate participants at the exhibition. We ran out of Quest Markers, and people were wondering if they could actually purchase them.

My answer is... yes, you can buy them soon, and thank you very much for loving our products! :)





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