Waplestore:Logs 2013.10.17 17:59

Waplestore is 4 years old now.

  • Waplestore

Happy birthday, Waplestore!

We celebrated our 4th foundation day on October 17th with Welch's as usual. We didn't have a fancy cake this time, but hopefully we can have one very soon.

While cleaning up the office, we found a PILE of papers from our past projects. Do you recognize some of screen shots and idea sketches? Some of us miss Mac's handsome face...

Grape flavored Welch's is perfect for a birthday party.

A pile of our efforts and 4-year-long history is here.

There's a news we'd like to share, and Jay will come up with a posting soon.
We'll keep you updated!




Waplestore:Logs 2013.03.21 17:15

New Dream Bakery on the 18th Floor!

  • sunny yoo
After we launched Panda Market, the World's First Mobile Flea Market Application, we moved to the very center of Gangnam!

We are greatly thankful for the beautiful and modern office! :)

Yes, we are up here! Very Gangnam Style. 

It takes a while to our 18th floor office, but we don't mind at all!

Waiter, I might need a glass of wine here…

We love our new glass wall conference rooms.

This jaw-dropping spiral staircase is 3 story high,
and visitors usually become speechless as they discover this!
(We were one of them, too.)
There is another conference room on the 20th floor.

Wherever we are, we always work hard and keep our office clean.
We've been trying not to be too loud, but we can't help it. :)

Ally's monitor with thousands of windows!
And if you noticed, Ally designed new name tags for team members.
She also came up with hillarious nicknames for each person.

Bom made a new CEO desk nameplate for Jay. (Finally!)

Sunny put this fake flower on Jay's standing lamp to show how popular Jay is. (...Sorry)

Sweet notes from Panda Market users…
And please ignore our awesome Android developer in the background.

Panda Cafe is now open! Panda bears are having a tea time here...

We take some rest or have ideation meetings at Panda Cafe.
(Or watch TV...?)

The view from Panda Cafe-
We no longer need to go to Jamsil Baseball Stadium during baseball season.

If you get stressed out from work, you can always shoot Panda-Panda!

Or how about getting a massage therapy?

Although we don't bake waffles anymore, you are always welcome to our office. 

Panda-Panda will make some coffee for you. And don't forget to download our new application, Panda Market! :)




Waplestore:Logs 2012.10.17 16:02

Happy birthday, Waplestore! :)

  • Waplestore
Wow, 3 years has passed already since we gathered as Waplestore.

We've gone through a lot and been keeping ourselves busy. 

You didn't forget about us, huh? We're still here, and doing very well! :)

Welchs for our special day as usual, as you know. :)

We, FINALLY, had a workshop just a few weeks ago. T^T

We also made a small project team to do some more exciting experiments.
Here is the logo for it, we named, Waplestore Labs! :)

Hope you enjoy the short teaser video of our very first project. It's coming very soon!

We're working really hard and will come back with awesome products!
See you soon! :)




  1. 찬손
    찬손 2012.12.12 18:54

    smart dialer를 사용하고 있습니다.
    아이폰5는 언제 지원하실 예정인지요?
    아직 화면이 조그만하게 나와서 불만입니당~~~~~

    • BlogIcon 사용자 jay cho 2013.01.21 20:18 신고

      안녕하세요, 와플스토어 Jay입니다.

      M&A 이후 한동안 적응 기간을 갖느라 회신이 많이 늦었어요.

      SmartDialer는 저도 매일같이 사용하는 앱이라 iPhone5로 바꾼 직후부터 바로 해상도 지원을 하고 싶었는데요, 겉보기에는 해상도만 늘이면 될 것 같지만, 3년 전에 만들어진 코드이다보니 실제로는 새로 개발해야 할 정도로 시간이 많이 소요되어 걱정입니다.

      최근 저희 팀에서 새로운 서비스(판다마켓)을 출시하면서 모든 개발 리소스가 해당 서비스에 투입된 것도 큰 부담인데요, 최대한 빠른 시일 내에 개선된 버전을 공유드릴 수 있도록 저희도 노력하겠습니다.

      부족한 저희 팀 살펴주시고, 또 응원해주셔서, 고맙습니다. :)

Waplestore:Logs 2011.11.02 15:02

DIY Project 02 : How to Make Your Own LAN Cable

  • sunny yoo
As you noticed, we always like to customize things around our working environment. And yes, we made our own LAN Cables! We actually had fun while working on our 2nd DIY Project. (At least I did.)

Before I begin this post... I must confess that I owe a big apology to my team members. I almost lost all of these photos! Thanks to Jay’s big help, we could recover deleted image files.

Thank you very much for your help again, and I promise it won’t happen again! T^T

Jay and Ted had a tutor from the Telecom Company earlier that day.
He was generous enough to give us tips on creating LAN Cables.

Are you ready to go, people?
Yup, Jay was getting excited about starting the DIY Project!

Jay and Ted... They were perfect DIY Project partners!

Making some noise here! :)

Half of this project is done...

Okay, bring it on...!
From this point, we really started to work as a team.

Untwist colorful LAN cables and cut them approximately 1.5 cm.

Carefully insert each cord to the jack. Make sure the colors match!

Plug your cable into the LAN tester to check if it is assembled successfully.
If the lights go on and off one by one, you are safe.

"You know what color orange is, right........?"

This is how we make a living. Just kidding.

Some serious workers...

By the time we were done, we realized that the slackers were watching over us...

Our DIY Project 02 turned out to be very successful.
We'll be back with more DIY Projects! :)




  1. Eric
    Eric 2011.11.02 16:10

    와우!! 여직원 분들 가볍게 CCNA 시험 보셔도 무방할듯. :)

Waplestore:Logs 2011.10.06 00:18

DIY Project 01 : How to Clean Up Your Own iMac Display

  • sunny yoo
If you are an iMac user, you‘ve probably seen these smudges inside the screen. These spots bothered us so much, and we finally decided to clean them up with our own hands!

Well, if you are struggling with similar problems, feel free to ask us any questions. (hopefully we have the answers...)


Be prepared with some of your favorite tools like these...
Not sure what kind of tools you're supposed to use?
Please check out the link below. :)

Take the Display’s front glass panel apart from the iMac body by using heavy-duty suction cups.
Probably the most important part of this project.
(Oooops, sorry about the finger prints on the panel! It’s so embarrassing... We’ll clean them up later.)

Ta-da! :)

Okay, let's take a break. Plus, we needed to do some more research...

Clean up the surface of LCD very gently with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

From corner to corner. Be very gentle, please.

Time to reassemble the parts. Jay also taped the sides of the display. Very neat, huh!?
(such a perfectionist!)

Tip :
You can also vacuum the dust while the display is open!

Spray some windex and gently clean off the finger prints, dusts, and etc...

Set up your Display back on your (messy) desk, and now you’re done.
(And please... please clean up your desk.)

See? Now it's all cleaned up, and we are very satisfied with the way it looks now!

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't too hard!
If we did it, you can do it, too. (maybe not... :p)




  1. Eric
    Eric 2011.10.07 17:24

    와플스토어에서 이런 DIY 시리즈가 시작되는군요!
    S/W 벤처 블로그와는 성격이 다른거 같으면서 동시에 연관성이 느껴지는... 그런 새로운 느낌인데요? :)

    • Waplestore
      Waplestore 2011.10.21 18:29

      시리즈라고 하기에는 부족함이 있겠지만.. 그래도 저희 DIY 할 때마다 포스트로 잘 담아보겠습니다. 좋게 보아주셔서 고맙습니다. :)

  1. ash84
    ash84 2011.10.09 09:45

    와우~ 대단하신듯^^

    • Waplestore
      Waplestore 2011.10.21 18:29

      업무용 PC가 모두 아이맥이다보니 자가수리 않고서는 비용도 시간도 줄일 수가 없어서 찾게된 궁여지책이었어요. ^^;

  1. 빨간고등어
    빨간고등어 2011.10.11 16:05

    저희 회사넘도 뜯어봐에겠네요...

    • Waplestore
      Waplestore 2011.10.21 18:30

      저희 글보다는 ifixit.com의 분해기를 참고하셔서 조심히 해보시구요, 이 방법으로 직접 수리를 하게 되면 정식 AS가 불가능하니 워런티 종료 이후에만 추천드립니다. :)

  1. halogen
    halogen 2011.10.21 10:11

    제 아이맥도 전에 한번 시도했는데, 처음엔 단순하게 유리 뒤쪽에 생긴 먼지일거라 생각하고 유리를 떼서 딱아본뒤 그 쪽에 생긴 먼지가 아니라는걸 알게 된 순간 매우 당황했었던 기억이 있습니다. 그 아이맥 특유의 멍자국을 지우려면 LCD페널에서 스크린부분과 백라이트를 또 분리 하신건가요??

    • Waplestore
      Waplestore 2011.10.21 18:31

      저희도 처음 분해했을 때에 같은 경험이 있었어요. 그래서 말씀주신 것처럼 LCD 패널 자체를 분해해서 먼지를 닦아냈답니다. ^^

Waplestore:Logs 2011.09.29 18:58

Get educated with PlaceTab! :)

  • sunny yoo
We supported a very exciting event, the 33th Education Exhibition at COEX with Yuhak Net in September. Yuhak Net is an overseas educational institute, and we built a quest trip especially for them in PlaceTab! We created 6 POIs for their booths, and each booth had a special quest. We also offered PlaceTab QR codes (both iPhone and Android) for the participants. All they needed to do was to scan the code with their smart phones, download PlaceTab application, and play quests on PlaceTab!

Once the users completed all of the special quests, they could win a badge. All they needed to do was to show that badge to the event organizers with a ‘big’ pride! Lots of prizes were waiting for you, and PlaceTab Quest Markers were one of them.:)

Well, this event is over, but we’ll be back with more events for sure!

Sounds interesting? :)

Special thanks to ‘rainfall27’ and ‘jinny’ who captured vivid atmosphere of the event! :)

Complete your quest here, and then move fast to the next one!

ask us any questions! We’re here for you.

Getting crowded here...!

The event was pretty successful. We met a lot of passionate participants at the exhibition. We ran out of Quest Markers, and people were wondering if they could actually purchase them.

My answer is... yes, you can buy them soon, and thank you very much for loving our products! :)




Waplestore:Logs 2011.09.06 14:19

Thank you for your 'green presents'!

  • sunny yoo
It’s always nice to have some plants around the working space. Well, it’s not very easy to keep indoor plants alive (right!?). But the ones at our office seem quite healty and happy. Although it might be a little bit late, we’d like to thank our visitors who gave us beautiful plants as gifts. Thanks to your thoughtful gifts, our office is getting greener and greener!

We have lots of big windows which let enough lights in. I’m in charge of watering the plants, and sometimes I hear them ask for water. (So don't worry! They'll never get dried out.)

This beautiful plant has a sweet letter from Jay’s sister.

Tiny flowers! How cute...

More sweet messages... :)

I love these little ones. They look greener especially on rainy days.

Our intern’s herb. It has grown so much!

Yup, some are called ‘Money Tree’. These trees don't get thirsty easily...

Most pictures were taken during heavy rainy season. I’ll show you how our plants are doing during this fall very soon!

I'm just letting you know that we always welcome more leaves! :)




Waplestore:Logs 2011.09.01 15:52

Finally, PlaceTab Quest Markers are here!

  • sunny yoo
We’ve been working on this project for a while, and here they are!
As you noticed, PlaceTab Quest Marker is a little hat that Tabi is wearing. Now, you can mark your ‘territory’ with them. We’ll also start selling them very soon!

Well, there are probably tons of ways to play with Quest Marker, and I’ll show you just a few today.

Samples, samples, and samples... This project wasn’t simple at all!

Do you need help with putting them together? (I hope not!)

This is the way they’re supposed to look,
but you’re always welcome to use your imagination.

Mission 01 :
Place your Quest Marker on top of your screen,
and brag about it to your co-workers.

Mission 02 :
Make sure which banana flavored milk is yours by placing Quest Markers on top of them.
You’re encouraged to use stickers, which are also included in the set.

Mission 03 :
Works perfectly fine in the freezer!

Mission 04 :
Draw / Write on the stickers and post them on your Quest Marker
to inform people that this is your desk.
( + collect the entire PlaceTab Brand Products.)

And of course, this is not it!
We’ll come back with more interesting and fun ways to play with Quest Marker! :)




  1. Ted
    Ted 2011.09.04 22:58

    볼수록 정이가는 QuestMarker~! ^-^

    • Waplestore
      Waplestore 2011.10.21 18:32

      Ted님도 볼수록 정이가요~ ^^

Waplestore:Logs 2011.07.18 16:51

Show your passion to us on Open Recruiting Day!

  • sunny yoo
We participated ' Open Recruiting Day' event hosted by Venture@Square on July 16th!
It was held in SK Department of Business Administration in Seoul National University.
Unfortunately, it rained quite a lot from the morning. Nevertheless, a lot of enthusiastic young people came to this event for the chance of a lifetime! :)

Yes, ask us any questions! :)

You’ve probably noticed by now that we'd like to set up something very fun with everything we do.
Of course, this event couldn’t be an exception because it was our chance to meet PlaceTab users!

Few weeks before the event, we asked all the start-up companies (including us) to come up with interesting / funny / company-related questions, and we created special quests with those questions for all of us! The beauty of this project was that most of the start-ups were very glad to be a part of this event without any hesitation. Again! Big thanks to all of participating start-up companies! :)

Hm... I hope these prints would be helpful on the event day! :)

If you've been wondering... This is how 'Open Recruiting Day' event worked out! :)

As PlaceTab users are visiting one of the start-up booths, they can choose a quest card of that particular company.The users can figure out the answers on the quest card by asking the team members, taking photos of specific activities that were asked to do, or reviewing the company catalogues. Once the users get the answer, they just need to type it on the quest cards and submit it. They will be asked to complete at least 5 quest card questions to earn the 'Open Recruiting Day' badge!

Now, all you need to do is go back to the booths that you've completed the quests from, and show your special badge with confidence! You’ll get the gifts from participating companies!

Did anyone get the answer yet...? :)

Sorry, we ran out of them very quickly. Now, you can buy them! :)

Before the event started, Jay and I walked around each participating booth to explain 'Open Recruiting Day' event. We also handed out display easels to each team, which would help the users with completing quests.

Trust me, Sunny is in this photo...

Our nice neighbors... :)

Well! We’ve all been waiting for the the most important part of the event...
Each start-up had a presentation session! Actually we were very worried about Jay before the presentation, because he almost lost his voice due to cold...But guess what happened! As he started his 15-minute speech, his voice went back to (close to) normal! It was quite amazing! :)

Ready to 'show off' your passion, Waplestore? :)

Oh, I’m doing well! I might not need my assistant anymore...

A lot of people came to our booth to ask questions and drop their resumes. 
All of our members thank those who visited our booth and completed our special quest of the day! We hope to talk to our users again!

Oh, wait... Why don't we see each other on PlaceTab!? :)




Waplestore:Logs 2011.06.28 18:23

Attention, SuperStar M badge winners! :)

  • sunny yoo
It was our great pleasure to meet our PlaceTab users during SuperStar M, Open IR last month!

As we promised, we're going to send PlaceTab Paper Cups to the SuperStar M badge winners from that day. Unfortunately, it was delayed because we had spent a lot of time on designing the gorgeous cup. We are very very sorry for making you wait... T^T

We have prepared one more present, PlaceTab Cup Coasters, as an apology to our special badge winners. So each person will get both cup and cup coster. We hope you are happy with our small presents!

Oh, are you not sure if you got the SuperStar M badge...?
You can find it out by checking your PlaceTab badge album! :)

Yes, I'm qualified for the prizes! :)

A perfect set for your (iced) coffee break...

The cup coaster can be also used as a 'cup lid'!

  PlaceTab Paper Cup as a sweet gift for your beloved friends and family...

A great example of using PlaceTab Paper Cups and PlaceTab Cup Coasters! :)

If you just missed our SuperStar M event or want more cups... Don't worry, here's the good news. You can also get PlaceTab Paper Cups and Cup Coasters from our brand shop. It's coming very very soon! :)





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