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  1. 2012.01.03   All About! Open Beta - Infographic! 2012.01.03 13:04

All About! Open Beta - Infographic

  • 사용자 jay cho
Waplestore came back with another fun service last month, and it's called Cheeze it!

Since we launched into iTunes App Store (Korea ONLY) in last December, more than 22,000 cheezes had been uploaded during 12 days of our open beta period. And we would like to share some facts of the period with you, especially those who might be interested in creating similiar mobile service like Cheeze it!. I hope this helps! :)

We're very surprised that the number of users and cheezes are super fast growing (almost twice as many as the previous day) from the start of its open beta period, so we already getting excited with the numbers we will be getting in this year!

Please keep watching out for us, thanks! :)




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