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  1. 2011.04.05   A moving day on a rainy weekend!
Waplestore:Logs 2011.04.05 15:46

A moving day on a rainy weekend!

  • sunny yoo
We moved to Seoul from Bundang on the second day of April.
As it is mentioned in the title of this post, it rained! (You might think "What a horrible day to move in!")

However, all members helped each other SO well that we could finish unpacking the boxes, assembling the desks, and cleaning up the new office on that very day. (from 7 am to 11 pm...? not bad!)

We'd like to share some photos taken on our moving day. This post might give you some tips if you are planing on a very "low budget" do-it-yourself moving project!

This is the last shot of our old office in Bun-dang, which we miss a lot...
It was very weird to see the room getting emptied out!!

First of all, we started packing our stuff the day before the moving day. We got the boxes from a nearest supermarket. We wrapped the chairs one by one with air caps so that they don't get scratches while in transit.

We hired only 'one person' to help us on our moving day because we didn't want to spend too much money on this. More importantly, we thought it would be very meaningful for our team if the members help out each other on our first moving day!

Of course it was not easy at all, but we were encouraging each other and working hard! :)

Waplestore women are strong enough to help! No exceptions! :)
We laid down the table tops on the floor before putting the parts together.

It took us few hours to load and unload our stuff to our new office. After moving our furniture and boxes into the office, we started assembling our new desks.

Desk tops were 'slightly' heavier than we thought!

Okay! Now we're putting the desk parts together. Assembling 9 desks at a time can never be easy...
These photos really show how teamwork works!

We are almost there...

We also had to take a break...

Finally, the desks are all set!

All the members are helping each other to rearrange the tables in the office.
It was quite exciting to see the new office getting organized little by little...

If you are wondering what this is about... There's a ritual called 'Gosa' in Korea in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoid misfortune and bring good luck. People usually put a head of a pig in the middle of the table! We had a little piggy bank and 'Bossam'(boiled pork dish) which we got as a gift that day.

We also had a little bit of alcohol...

After this ritual, all of our team members shared 'Bossam' for dinner.

After dinner, we opened the gift box from one of our friends, and there was a beautiful flower figurine.
We thought it was a perfect gift for us because we are growing step by step just like the flower.

By the time we called it a day, we were extremely tired.
However, all the members were smiling because we were SO ready to bake dreams from next week! :)



  1. silphir
    silphir 2011.04.16 15:42

    축하합니다~~ ㅎㅎ
    플레이스탭에 고사를 지내는게 인상적입니다 ㅎㅎ :)

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.04.19 20:43

      잘 되길 빌어주세요. :)

  1. navis
    navis 2011.04.19 16:51

    호.. 엄청 넓은데? 대박 나시길ㅋ

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.04.19 23:03

      광각 렌즈로 찍은 사진이라 넓어보이는거에요.
      넥스알도 새 사무실 이사하고 인테리어했던데, 잘 지내시죠?
      가까이 있으니 점심이라도 같이 합시다요. :)

  1. Jong Ho
    Jong Ho 2011.04.28 22:41

    축하합니다! 꿈이 구워지는 향기가 참 좋네요!

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.04.30 14:57

      좋게 봐주셔서 고맙습니다.
      항상, 더 노력하는 모습으로 살펴주시는 마음에 꼭 보답할게요.
      고맙습니다. :)


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