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  1. 2013.03.21   New Dream Bakery on the 18th Floor!
  2. 2011.04.08   Introducing our new Dream Bakery!
Waplestore:Logs 2013.03.21 17:15

New Dream Bakery on the 18th Floor!

  • sunny yoo
After we launched Panda Market, the World's First Mobile Flea Market Application, we moved to the very center of Gangnam!

We are greatly thankful for the beautiful and modern office! :)

Yes, we are up here! Very Gangnam Style. 

It takes a while to our 18th floor office, but we don't mind at all!

Waiter, I might need a glass of wine here…

We love our new glass wall conference rooms.

This jaw-dropping spiral staircase is 3 story high,
and visitors usually become speechless as they discover this!
(We were one of them, too.)
There is another conference room on the 20th floor.

Wherever we are, we always work hard and keep our office clean.
We've been trying not to be too loud, but we can't help it. :)

Ally's monitor with thousands of windows!
And if you noticed, Ally designed new name tags for team members.
She also came up with hillarious nicknames for each person.

Bom made a new CEO desk nameplate for Jay. (Finally!)

Sunny put this fake flower on Jay's standing lamp to show how popular Jay is. (...Sorry)

Sweet notes from Panda Market users…
And please ignore our awesome Android developer in the background.

Panda Cafe is now open! Panda bears are having a tea time here...

We take some rest or have ideation meetings at Panda Cafe.
(Or watch TV...?)

The view from Panda Cafe-
We no longer need to go to Jamsil Baseball Stadium during baseball season.

If you get stressed out from work, you can always shoot Panda-Panda!

Or how about getting a massage therapy?

Although we don't bake waffles anymore, you are always welcome to our office. 

Panda-Panda will make some coffee for you. And don't forget to download our new application, Panda Market! :)



Waplestore:Logs 2011.04.08 17:47

Introducing our new Dream Bakery!

  • sunny yoo
As it is mentioned in the previous post, we moved to Seoul last weekend.

We didn't want to ruin the bright atmosphere of the space. It is so bright that we don't need desk lamps anymore. So we ended up doing just a few interior works! :)

Now, I'd like to share some pictures of our new Dream Bakery interior.
First, we decided to add a glass wall to create a conference room. All the members liked how simple it was!

On the left side of the conference room, there is a little kitchen.

This is the inside view of the conference room. Now we have a white board to write on.

We also created an image wall right in front of the entrance door.

If you are wondering what the orange wall is for... I'll show you more about it later on in this post. :)

We also needed something to entertain us. Here are some photos of the mini racing cars and the track which were kindly donated by Jay. We enjoy racing during our break time. It's a lot fun!

The following pictures show how the Dream Bakery looks now.

Our visitors often get amazed by the way our office looks as they walk in, but we didn't do anything crazy. It is just very bright during the daytime, and we threw in some colorful pillows and a couch. You need just a little bit of creativity to set a bright tone in the space!

We also have TV, but our members barely turn it on. We are working so hard... 

Now we had desks, chairs, and a projector! 

I'm sure that our members are workaholics... -_-;

If you are still wondering what we were doing with the orange wall, here is the answer!

I was working on a drawing of a city view, which will also appear on the orange wall.
As you noticed, the color orange represents PlaceTab! :)

It was my first illustration on the wall, and it wasn't easy at first...

Here are some close-up shots of the drawing.
It looks just like the pen and ink drawing I worked on earlier.

If you walk into our office, this will be the first thing you'll see!

We had so may different ideas for this wall in the beginning, such as making our CI with Acrylic or wood.
Finally, we all agreed that it would be much nicer if we draw an image that reflects the concept of our service!

This illustration can be changed at anytime, and it doesn't cost much.
We also thought this wall painting would create a cozy mood like our company name, "Waplestore".

I hope you also enjoy it!

Probably our last mission! (crossing fingers...)
We had to assemble 3 sets of DIY locker, and again, it was a lot of work! T^T

Jay and Kay putting the parts together...

Ta-da! We're done!

This is the way our little kitchen looks now. We also bake waffles here!

All of our team members had done a lot of works for our new office. None of this would have been possible without their help!

Great job, Waplestore dream bakers! :)



  1. 안성현
    안성현 2011.04.22 19:26

    너무 좋네요^^

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.04.25 23:44

      실제보다 사진이 잘 나온 것 같아요.
      그래도 좋게 보아주셔서 고맙습니다. :)

  1. 바람처럼~
    바람처럼~ 2011.06.27 15:56

    사무실이 너무 예쁘네요 :)
    완전 좋다!

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.06.28 22:48

      LBS 관련해서 조언을 구하고 싶습니다. :)

    • 바람처럼~
      바람처럼~ 2011.06.28 23:44

      어머. 전 LBS에 대해 아는게 없는데...
      흔쾌히 초대해주시다니...
      그거보다 16일 서울대 가보려고 하는데 그때 뵙는게 더 나을지도 모르겠네요 :)

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.06.29 00:13

      블로그를 살짝 살펴보았는데, 여행을 즐기시는 것 같았어요.

      저희가 플레이스탭을 만들 때, 고민했던 몇 가지 키워드들 중에 'Trace', 'Trip', 'History'가 있었던만큼, 여행을 즐기시는 분들께 저희와 같은 LBS가 어떤 도구가 될 수 있을까 하는 부분에서 조언을 구할 수 있겠구나 했습니다.

      오픈리쿠르팅 때 뵈어도 좋구요,
      저희 사무실 근처(강남역) 지나시는 길에 한번 들러주시면 맛난 와플과 따뜻한 커피 대접하겠습니다.

      고맙습니다. :)

    • 바람처럼~
      바람처럼~ 2011.06.29 23:22

      댓글로 의도한 것은 아니었지만
      초대를 해주시려고 하시다니 아무튼 기회가 되어 놀러갔음 좋겠네요.

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.07.03 20:43

      제 트위터 @jaycho_로 언제든 편히 말씀주시고 찾아주세요.
      고맙습니다! :)

  1. Chris
    Chris 2011.07.12 17:15

    예전에 트위터로 구인하실 때 보고 오늘 오랜만에 들어와 봅니다. 뭐랄까... 제가 요즘 고민하고 있는 "해야하는 일", "시키는 일"이 "아닌하고 싶은 일"을 한다는 것이 보는 것만으로도 가슴뛰게 하네요.
    저도 언제 한 번 들러서 커피와 와플 얻어먹으면서 LBS+SNG에 대한 혜안을 얻고 싶습니다. ^^

    • Chris
      Chris 2011.07.12 17:17

      트위터 follow 안되어 있어서 오늘 신청했습니다. ^^;
      @kayageum 이랍니다.

    • Jay Cho
      Jay Cho 2011.07.18 19:08

      조만간 다시 보아요.
      고맙습니다. :)


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