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  1. 2010.09.07   Special gifts from Woogoon. :)
Waplestore:Logs 2010.09.07 00:16

Special gifts from Woogoon. :)

  • 사용자 jay cho
Some special gifts from @drl83, one of our twitter friends, are arrived at our office today!

I felt a lump in my throat when I open the envelop, because there were a well-thumbed book about leadership, a handwritten letter, and even the gifts for NeNe & MoMo!

Frankly, I've been depressed for weeks because of attracting investments, but now, I start believing I can overcome all the problems with our team and our Woogoons.

Thank you, 드림작가.
I promise you, to be a good entrepreneur with your warm presents. :)

This is a book for me.
I'm going to read this first and share this book with our members later!

And, there were gifts for NeNe and MoMo!!

NeNe and MoMo fall in love with the toy mice. ^^;

A word, Woogoon, is from Korean word '우군 [woo:goon], 友軍' that means 'an allied army'.
We use this word to call all of our friends, clients, users, and anyone who has a good feeling toward our team. :)





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